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I’m Michelle, a naturopath with a passion for helping people achieve that amazing feeling of good health.

What I Can Help You With

I help you attain a higher state of health and wellness through diet, life style changes, supplements and herbology.   Take control of your health by learning about the 6 main factors of health and wellness, coaching to maintain new habits and become the expert of your own body in order to prevent disease to help you thrive and flourish.

My  role as a naturopath is to present choices, coach and empower. I base my practice on individualisation of diets and lifestyle according to each person’s unique differences (constitution, age, heredity, work, personal background and so much more).  We are all unique therefore, good health cannot be achieved with a cookie-cutter approach.

What is Naturopathy

My Approach as a Naturopath

I empower people to take control of their health through individualised treatment plans based around common sense, achievable diet and lifestyle advice and quality natural medicines.

What we put in our body and mind is our energy source, it is what nourishes and feeds all of our cells.  It influences our energy level, concentration, sleep, mood, sex drive, fertility, aging process, skin, hair, nails, etc.  It is extremely empowering to realise that we can improve all of these things and more ourselves.  

In order for to thrive one needs to feel connected, eat, sleep, move sufficiently in accordance to ones needs and protect themselves from environment pollutants and correct imbalances as well as have important self-care practices.

The Pillars of Wellness I Work With 

The body is a system, everything is interconnected it is not a sum of all of its parts.  Wellness and health is optimized when we look at these 6 pillars

Self Care

Being aware, understanding and respecting our feelings in order to provide to ourselves what we need throughout each moment of our life.


Just move!  Find physical exercise that you enjoy to reap the physical and mental benefits while warding off disease.


Our environment can be a source of toxins, which in turn negatively effects our health.  We can restore balance through healthier choices and detox.


Often overlooked as an essential part of wellness, sleep allows you to recuperate, be more alert, be energized and emotionally balanced. 


Find out what your ideal plate looks like.  What foods suit your individual body best and how to make these foods a part of your regular diet. 


Like food and air, social connections are essential for our wellbeing.  Human beings are social animals, in order to thrive, we need the love, security and support of relationships.

Working Closely Together, Also at a Distance

Are you ready to get healthy?  Interested in implementing a plan to reach your optimal health? Contact me today to learn the first steps of your personalized health plan.

We work together via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or in

person at my Torino office.

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