My Naturopathic Approach

My role as a naturopath is to educate, present choices and empower.  I am known for my good listening skills and thorough health assessments.  I base my practice on individualisation of diets and lifestyle according to each person’s unique differences (constitution, age, heredity, work, personal background and so much more).  We are all unique therefore it is my strong belief that good health cannot be achieved with a cookie-cutter approach.

I don’t believe in fad / miracle diets, rewarding with food, calorie counting, starving yourself or carbohydrate free diets.  Lasting health improvements are in lifestyle changes.  The key is to start making small changes that will begin to take effect almost immediately; as you start feeling better, integrating new changes starts becoming easier.  I believe that many do not know how good they could feel if they only changed certain eating and lifestyle habits.

I believe in eating foods in their purest form.  What we put in our body (food, drink, herbs, etc.) is our energy source, it is what nourishes and feeds all of our cells.  It influences our energy level, concentration, sleep, mood, sex drive, fertility, aging process, skin, hair, nails, etc.  It is extremely empowering to realise that we can improve all of these things and more ourselves.  Hippocrates said it best:  ‘Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.’