The body is a system, very much like an ecosystem where everything is interconnected.  This means that we cannot exercise ourselves out of a bad diet nor can we assume that a skin ailment is due to a problem only in that system. According to Lipman’s Wellness Model, wellness and health are optimized when we look at six specific pillars.

The Six Pillars of Health and Wellness
  1. Eat
  2. Move
  3. Sleep
  4. Re-balance
  5. Self-care
  6. Connect

In order for individuals to thrive we need to feel connected, eat well, sleep well, move sufficiently in accordance to ones needs and protect themselves from environment pollutants, correct imbalances as well as have individualized self-care practices.

We all have an immense potential, it is up to me to help you recognize it in order for you to take control of their well-being.

What can you expect from my individualized health program?
  1. to learn and be well informed
  2. to be presented choices and to make educated decisions on how to bring about change
  3. to be coached and empowered

You are a unique individual, we will therefore work together to develop a tailored nutrition and lifestyle option plan aligned to your unique traits (constitution, age, sex, heredity, work, personal background and so much more).  A tailored approach is the best way to achieve and maintain good healthy, cookie-cutter approaches seldom achieve the same results.

What we put in our body and mind is our energy source, it is what nourishes and feeds all of our cells.  It influences our energy level, concentration, sleep, mood, sex drive, fertility, aging process, skin, hair, nails, etc.  The better we get at nurturing our body and mind the better we get at achieving the things we want from life, and the more often we achieve those things the more empowered we become.  It is this empowerment and strength that we owe ourselves and the people we love.