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Eating Healthy in Turin

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Written by Anne-Lise Borgen

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated or expensive.  In Turin, the best and cheapest way to get good quality produce is go to the markets or order directly from local farms.  My favourite markets here are the local produce markets and organic markets. 

Healthy eating means eating predominantly vegetables, some fruit, and some whole grains, such as rice, barley, oats, quinoa, buckwheat.  Protein sources can be animal or vegetal and fats are an important part of all diets as they help in vitamin and mineral absorption, hormonal balance among other things and if you are going to buy anything organic, it should be oils and butter.


Here is a list of the best places to find the above high quality foods locally in the city of Torino.  Some of these are physical locations and others are websites you can order from which will deliver to your doorstep.

Turin Organic Markets

If you’ve ever run into an organic market on a random Sunday and you’re trying to figure out their schedule, you’re not the only one!  Here is a list of their very elaborate and specific schedules!


Biologico, via Cernaia corner of Corso Galileo Ferraris, Wednesdays Afternoons 1.30-7PM. Ho in mappa uno dei produttori partecipanti: Cascina Roche Bio.

Biologico Coldiretti, via Cernaia corner of via Stampatori in the Giardini Lamarmora, Friday Afternoon 3-7PM. All products are certified organic; Info 011 6177211, [email protected]

Oltremercato, piazza Palazzo di Città in fronte of the Comune, 4th Saturday of the month, all day, 8AM-6PM.  Info 3337166691, [email protected]

1st Sunday of the Month

Mercato del Paniere, piazza CLN, ex piazza Statuto

Mercato Campagna Amica, piazza e via Palazzo di Città e piazza Corpus Domini,

2nd Sunday of the Month

Mercato Cia – La Spesa in Campagna, piazza Palazzo di Città Info 011 6164201, [email protected]

Mercato Campagna Amica, piazza e Giardini Cavour,  Info 011 6177211, [email protected] e sulla pagina dedicata di Campagna Amica

3rd Sunday of the Month

Mercato Campagna Amica, tettoia di piazza Madama Cristina e Piazza 9AM – 7PM.  Info 011 6177211, [email protected] e sulla pagina dedicata di Campagna Amica

Mercato Cia – La spesa in campagna, piazza Bodoni, 9AM – 7PM.

Info 0116164201,  [email protected]

GooGreen – Comunità di produttori agricoli per la biodiversità, piazza Carlo Felice ai Giardini Sambuy, 9AM – 7PM. Fino ad aprile 2019 (sospeso ad agosto). Info Giardino Forbito.

4th Sunday of the Month

Mercato Campagna Amica, piazza Bodoni Info 011 6177211, [email protected] e sulla pagina dedicata di Campagna Amica

Buying Online

Many local organic farms online.  You can buy a chest that gets delivered weekly to your doorstep.  This is a wonderful way to discover local, seasonal vegetables and to expand your horizons in terms of foods and recipes.

Here are some reputable local farms who deliver products.



Amilu Farm – www.instagram.com/amilufarm/?hl=en – small family run biodynamic, regenerative agriculture.  They sell baskets of seasonal products 9 months of the year



Buying organic Meat Online

Parva Domus – http://www.parvadomus.it/newsite_beta/ for organic porc

CasaSerra – https://casaserra.it/ – for organic beef

Porta Natura

Health Food Stores  (Organic)

Naturasi: https://www.naturasi.it/negozi also does online delivery

Biobottega – https://iperbiobottega.com/store-locator/

Online Health Food Stores

Cortilla https://www.cortilia.it/ does online delivery of produce, meat, fish, dairy, bread and more

Io Scelgo Bio https://www.ioscelgobio.com/

PortaNatura https://portanatura.it/

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