Green smoothies are shakes that you make in the blender with green leafy vegetables combined with flavorful fruits and other ingredients to give your morning a healthy and tasty start. They help in weight loss, hormone balance, contribute to beautiful skin, intestinal health, they are nutrient dense and will provide you long-lasting energy for your day. Read on for specific information on these health benefits as well as the ingredient formula to start making them.

Health Benefits

Nutrient dense

They are a good way to get green vegetables in your diet.  Fruits and veggies are rich in important nutrients such as iron, magnesium, B vitamins, such as folic acid, which is really important for mental health and a strong nervous system. Chlorophyll helps rejuvenate your body, it is an antioxidant that strengthens your immune system, can prevent anemia and can even help with insomnia among other things.

Rich in protein

Many studies demonstrate that high protein breakfasts help in concentration and intellectual performance throughout the day.

Hormonal health

Your liver is your powerhouse when it comes to hormone health. Green smoothies help flush the liver and the digestive system, metabolizing and binding the bad by-products of hormones.  Proper hormone function also require healthy fats, such as the ones in chia and flax seeds.

Intestinal health

Because of its high content in fiber, it provides your body with good prebiotics.  If you include kefir or yogurt, you will also get probiotics.  Both of which contribute to a healthy microbiome and regular bowel movements help avoid constipation.

Low in carbohydrates

Breakfasts are often rich in refined carbohydrates, these give you a quick peak of energy which comes crashing down soon after (this is the part of the morning when you crave another coffee or a snack).  Green smoothies contain carbohydrates but mostly in the form of fiber and complex carbs, this means they keep you fuller longer and you avoid that energy crash;)

How do you make them?

This is the easy part, you will need a blender and the ingredient formula is always the same:

  • Leafy green vegetable: baby spinach, kale, …
  • Fruit : banana, berries, pears….
  • Liquid : can be cold herbal tea, plant based milk, water …
  • Protein: powder form or yogurt/kefir
  • Omega 3: chia, flax seed, flax oil
  • Booster (optional): spice (ginger, turmeric…), herb (parsley), spirulina, maca…
  • Sweetness (optional): honey

Try them for a week and let me know how you feel! Buon appetito:)