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Recent Topics

Improving Your Microbiome

The health of your gut flora is key to a healthy mind and body.  What are prebiotics and probiotics and how do they contribute to a healthy microbiome.  What is leaky gut?  Do I have it and how can I fix it?  What are foods and environmental toxins that hinder my microbiome.

Restful Sleep

Your own sleep needs, your circadian type and how to work with this.  Environmental factors affecting your sleep. Your sleep diet and your lifestyle habits.  Sleep hygiene tips.

Perimenopause & Hormonal Balance

Menopausal symptoms are no joking matter, these can be debilitating and affect your mood, body weight and self-esteem.  You don’t have to be a victim of your symptoms; lifestyle changes and well as dietary changes can help you in this beautiful transitional period.


Resolving Seasonal Allergies

What does the gut have to do with seasonal allergies?  Avoid certain foods and toxins.  Strengthen your immune system with foods and medicinal herbs and make your diet anti-inflammatory.

Workplace Wellness Programs

As an occupational Health and Safety expert, I help organizations provide an environment for their employees that supports healthy living.  Through various seminars and assistance in putting in place an effective Wellness Program, large and small organizations can reap the benefits of having a healthy workforce.


Eating Yourself Calm

How does the food you eat affect your emotional state?  What foods and nutrients promote serenity?  Hypoglycemia, its effect on your mood and how to avoid it.  Calming herbs, spices and supplements.  Lifestyle habits to promote calm.  What meals to eat at night for peaceful sleep.

Keto, vegan, low-carb…what is the ideal diet for me?

Knowledge of modern nutrition today makes it possible to understand the need to apply food individualization. We are all different, each person is unique.  There are many parameters that demonstrate the differences that exist from one person to another.  Whether it is temperament, blood type, age, sex,  Ayurvedic type, level of physical activity, heredity, intolerances and allergies: these are just to name a few of the parameters used to create an individualized diet.

Weight Loss 101

What is a healthy plate?  How often should I eat?  What is my ideal diet?  What hormones are coming in the way of my weight loss and how can I address them?  What habits can I master to remain at a healthy body weight?

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