Turin Market Tours

Visit the largest outdoor food market in Europe, with me. I will help you navigate and introduce you to all the top stales where you will get the best of what the market has to offer. 

This market evokes the scents, tastes ​​and traditions of Turin and the region of Piemonte. 

The history of the city is hidden behind the stalls of local gastronomic products and the chatter of the people. For travelers, residents and the newly arrived alike, the market is an unmissable place, the moment to get in touch with the locals, their lifestyle and their daily life.  It is a moment to discover culinary traditions, local seasonal foods and a way to stimulate your sights and senses.

You better bring an empty stomach, because on this tour you will be enjoying all the treats Turin has to offer.

During the tour I will intoduce you to the absolute best stales for fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and fish. These are the same stalls I use daily and I will introduce you to the owners so you will have an instant report and a good relationship with them. Italy is after all a country where who you know is one of the most important things.

Here is what we will do

  • Sample some of Piedmont’s culinary specialties, such as bagna cauda, truffles, and bicerin 
  • Sip some of the most famous Italian wines, like Barolo and Barbera
  • Discover an antique Erboristeria where we will sample herbal teas
  • Experience the smells and sites of the Farmer’s Market
  • Savour some Organic Cheese and Cured Meat
  • Discover the best quality vegetable, fruit, meat, dairy and fish.

Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Max.# of people: 5

Price: 40 euros per person

Pair the market tour with a personal cooking class. 

At a combination of the market tour and the private cooking class. Learn to make staple recipes that serve as medicine to you.  Private cooking classes are an extension of a first Naturopathic visit.  This allows me to determine your exact body type and create a set of foods and menus that nourish your individual body.

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