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What I Can Help You With

If you are suffering from digestive health issues, hormonal disorders, reproductive issues, stress, anxiety, lack of energy or are looking to lose weight my services will help you get to the bottom of the problem.  We will create a personalized program to address the root causes of the issue, creating new daily habits to help you attain optimal health and thrive.

Energize & Thrive

Discover how much energy boils within you by changing certain lifestyle habits, getting the right amounts of nutrients and changing your mindset.

Digestive Health

From reflux to abdominal pain or anal itching, the digestive organs are many and issues around them are increasingly common, especially in periods of stress.  Did you know that you had more neurons in your intestinal track than in your brain?  Digestive issues rob us of our precious vitality but the good news is that regularity, optimized gut health and flat bellies are totally within your reach.  

Immune Strength

What foods, plants, activities, sleep practices can keep you healthy all year round.

Women's Health & Hormone Balance

Hormonal balance is within your reach whether you are suffering from PMS, thyroid issues, PCOS, low libido, unwanted perimenopause symptoms or other hormonal imbalance issues, natural therapies can help restore the balance and help your body and mind.

Best of You

Let’s be honest; the world we live in isn’t always the most relaxing of places.  This is why it is so important to find the calm within and being able to find what regenerates or minds, body and souls best.

Fertility & Pregnancy

Having a child is an incredible experience but it isn’t always easy to get there.  Get your body and mind ready for pregnancy naturally.

Sleep Like a Baby

Has uninterrupted, peaceful sleep become a dream? Suboptimal sleep has many causes.  Let us address them in order to give you back the vitality you long for every morning.

My Approach

I empower people to take control of their health through individualized treatment plans based around lifestyle choices, achievable diet and lifestyle advice and quality natural medicines.


Eating Healthy in Turin

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated or expensive.  In Turin, the best and cheapest way to get good quality produce is go to the markets or order directly from local farms.  My favourite markets here are the local produce markets and organic markets. ...

4 Tips for Making your New Years Resolutions Lasting Habits

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle  A new year is a great chance to start over fresh and embark on our path of change and transformation.  Whether we have chosen to quit smoking, eat vegetables at every meal or...

5 Free Solutions to Ease Stress Now

Show me an adult who hasn’t suffered from stress this year.  I don’t think there is one. When under stress our common sense often goes out the window and we fall back into bad habits more easily.  Here are a few reminders of simple actions to take to gain your cool...

Train your Brain to be Happy

Many of us have this strange relationship with happiness where we see it as something we earn once we have worked sufficiently or once we have attained something desired.  This is a warped way of seeing happiness as it gives our power away completely to external...

What to Eat this Season: think local produce that will warm you up!

As the weather gets cooler, one way to help our bodies adapt is to provide it food that will keep it warm and in balance with the cold.

Boost your Immune System Now

5 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 by Boosting Your Immune System Many of us are anxious  about the COVID-19 pandemic but other than taking the well publicized precautionary measures such as hygiene, social distancing and isolation there are other...

Green Smoothies: Get your weight and hormones in check

Green Smoothies: Get your weight and hormones in checkGreen smoothies are shakes that you make in the blender with green leafy vegetables combined with flavorful fruits and other ingredients to give your morning a healthy and tasty start.Servings: -Prep Time: 10...

3 Hormones to Keep in Check for Weight Loss and Hormonal Balance

Hormones are a key component of women’s health and a crucial factor in weight loss.  When our hormones are out of balance strange things can happen, hair can start growing on our face, our menstrual cycle can be off, we can experience PMS, we can become overly moody...

Scrumptious Almond Bread

Scrumptious Almond BreadThis recipe is not only for those who are ceilac or gluten-intollerant.  Reducing carbohydrate intake is beneficial for everyone especially your microbiome and blood sugar.Servings: 10 slicesPrep Time: 10 minCook Time: 10 minGood For: Lunch...

My 7 Tips for Restful Sleep

Regular, restful sleep is often underestimated when looking at one’s general health, but in actuality, it affects the functioning of our entire body as it reduces stress, heals inflammation, helps our body repair itself, makes us more alert and even plays a positive role on our memory.

What’s In Season

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Avoid Calcium Deficiency

Calcium is critical for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, nonetheless for well-functioning cardio, nervous and muscular systems.  Here is how to make sure you get enough of it


“Michelle is my go to person for natural remedies.  I have been able to understand how to relax and what foods I postively respond to.  Also this journey has helped me embrace oatmeal and, Yes, even quionua.  I am now needing my beans and loving them.  Not only am on looking at internal, but there are external natural remedies I am investigating and which I have seen a positive improvement to my skin.  So, yes, Michelle’s advice is really working positively for me and I continue to look forward to her recommendations and recommend Michelle’s natural remedies.”

Marie-Line C.

“Michelle is my go to person whenever I a health problem. She is very knowledgable and always has brilliant answers to my  problems. Thanks Michelle!!!”

J. Sinifield

“I can sleep again! Michelle has been fantastic in working with me on my dietary and lifestyle habbits. Helping me to adjust a little bit at a time has made it possible for me to maintain the changes and make them a part of my habits”

Anne-Lise B. Rizzo

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